It’s the kind of thing that happens every day in workplaces across America. An employee stumbles upon a troubling situation, then does the right thing and reports it to her supervisor. Management tries to handle it in the best way possible, but the employee feels like she has not been heard. She has a negative experience at work, which she feels must be related to her report, and sees it as a sign that the supervisor she entrusted to report to has now set her adrift. Her positive view of management, her commitment to her company, and her connection to work fade. And, even if she does stay with the company, she will have formed an opinion about ‘how things are really done around here’ and will be unlikely to report ever again. Her attitude might be noted by other employees and may discourage them from taking appropriate action.

Fuente: Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) – Ethics Resource Center (ERC)

Año: 2012

Idioma: Inglés