The Project

“On the level: Business and Government Against Corruption in Colombia”, is implemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) field office in Colombia, with the support of its headquarters in Vienna. It is a collective action project seeking to increase public and private dialogue and knowledge sharing to strengthen the development and implementation of measures addressed at corruption prevention, criminalization and enforcement in line with the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).


The project is developed under the framework of the Siemens Integrity Initiative to prevent and combat corruption (Siemens AG). The objective is to reduce opportunities for corruption by enhancing public-private sector dialogue, improving government’s anti-corruption frameworks and legislation, and creating a culture of integrity in the private sector.


The project has the following specific objectives:


  • Promote a culture of business integrity when doing business.
  • Support the public sector in the alignment, harmonization and development of policies relevant for the prevention and fight against corruption taking into consideration national and international standards and good practices.
  • Promote the principle of shared responsibility in the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
  • Companies expand their knowledge in dealing with corruption cases they might face through access to the online database with tools, resources, and examples of dilemmas and case studies
Target groups

The public sector and public entities that have the mandate to prevent and combat corruption and to promote a culture of integrity and fair competition in the private sector.

Associations, guilds and other networks of actors in the private sector, which have the responsibility of managing the interests of their partners and to promote responsible and honest business practices.

Companies of all sectors and economic activities involved in the design and implementation of anti-corruption programmes and strategies based on a risks approach. It is a special concern of the Project to reach small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and to cover a representative number of cities in the country in collaboration with the UN Global Compact Network in Colombia.

Civil Society and citizens that are interested in promoting a better understanding of the corruption phenomenon and to take a resolute action to ensure the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Colombia.

Benefits for companies and public sector
  • Increased awareness of corruption, its risks and impact on business, laying the groundwork for the formulation and implementation of public and private policies to prevent and combat corruption.
  • Strengthen collaboration between the public and private sector to create sustainable actions.
  • Strengthen capacities of private sector companies to implement anti-corruption strategies based on risk identification and risk management.
  • Enhanced knowledge management contributing to the generation of a transformation processes further strengthening integrity within the private sector and in the Colombian society in general.
Expected Results
  • A strengthened legal framework for the prevention and fight against corruption in Colombia, with an emphasis on the private sector and corporate liability of companies.
  • Improved public-private dialogue and better coordination of anti-corruption measures in Colombia through the establishment of a working group consisting of public and private sector stakeholders as an ongoing forum for the joint prevention of and fight against corruption.
  • Strengthened enterprises´ skills and capacities to identify processes susceptible to corruption and to implement actions to protect themselves.
On the Level Methodologies

Sustainable collaboration between the public and private sectors in Colombia will be established through the creation of a working group consisting of representatives of the public and private sectors, for the prevention of and fight against corruption.

This initiative aims to coordinate efforts and generate synergies of the developed actions to increase their impact. By involving a significant number of companies and business associations, this initiative will enhance the outreach and opportunities of related initiatives that are currently taking place in the country.

This work will begin by creating space for technical discussion and capacity building through a technological platform, which will provide relevant technical and methodological resources enabling beneficiaries to create and/or strengthen their actions in the fight against corruption.