Nexen Inc. is a Canadian-based energy company that predicates its sustainability not only on profits and competitiveness but on its ability to grow value responsibly. Transparency, integrity and business ethics, safety and the environment, and people and partnerships are the values carried in parallel with delivering returns to shareholders. Nexen’s operations in Yemen provide a strong example of the unique way this company does business in Canada and internationally. When it came to developing and implementing a post-secondary scholarship programme for Yemeni youth, these values were at the forefront in ensuring the delivery of a merit-based, equal opportunity initiative that would build a legacy of education and transparency. The following business case story illustrates the development and implementation of a scholarship programme in Yemen. It outlines the challenges and opportunities, and methodologies employed in advancing Nexen’s corporate values cross-culturally, specifically as it relates to the United Nations Global Compact 10th Principle for business to promote transparency and combat corruption.

Fuente: Red de Pacto Global

Año: N/D

Idioma: Inglés