Corruption is an obstacle to economic growth and social development around the world. Its effects often hit already marginalized groups particularly hard. Corruption undermines democracy, public accountability and the rule of law.
Corruption is also bad for business – it distorts competition, increases the cost of doing business globally and adds significant uncertainty to business transactions. The purpose of this guide is to provide short and practical guidance to companies on managing anti-corruption in the supply chain. It does not focus in great detail on the company’s management system for anti-corruption. The guide outlines the business case for fighting corruption in the supply chain and describes the main elements of an efficient anti-corruption programme for preventing corruption in the supply chain. For in-depth guidance on how to react if a corrupt demand is made or corruption occurs, consult the complementary UN Global Compact Guide “Fighting Corruption in the Supply Chain: a Guide for Customers and Suppliers”.

Fuente: Red de Pacto Global

Año: 2013

Idioma: Inglés