More than 90 participants representing African business, civil society and labour organizations, international organizations and governments, gathered in Addis Ababa on 7-8 March for “Alliance for Integrity – Government and Business Roles in Enhancing African Standards of Living”. About 70 of the participants were Africa-based – they included representatives from business, business associations, stateowned enterprises, trade unions, civil society, national governments and regional organisations. Coorganized by the OECD Investment Secretariat, the UN Global Compact, the New Partnership for Africa’s  development (NEPAD) and Transparency International, the conference took place at the facilities of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). On the OECD side, the conference was organised by the Investment Division, with the participation of Corporate Affairs and Anti-corruption Division. The final agenda for the event is provided in the Annex to this summary.

Fuente: Red de Pacto Global

Año: 2005

Idioma: Inglés