Business leaders see social challenges as among the most pressing risks they face. Of the more than 5,500 leaders surveyed worldwide, 42 percent answered that wasting an entire generation of youth to unemployment was at the top of their concerns among this year’s five risks. Looking at the broader risk landscape, a similar trend emerges of societal risk being a top concern most notably unemployment, poverty, and hunger. We tend to assume that business leaders are concerned only with short-term profits and not with societal well-being. However, the above findings demonstrate that social unrest and economic disparity damage everyone’s prosperity. Indeed, today’s most pressing risks are all concerned with human needs that we all share; a job for a life without poverty. It is the social glue of our societies. Poverty, hunger, and youth unemployment are eroding the foundation of progress – not only in the world’s poorest countries, but within almost every country around the world. More than ever before, businesses must keep an eye on the wider risk and opportunity landscape in order to ensure current and future profits. Business leaders can be the change makers COP21 asked for. The message from Paris clear that we need to mobilise new drivers of change. In addition, that business holds important keys to solving a major global challenge like climate change.
This report documents that businesses have broadened their view on what is best for both society and for business.

Fuente: Red de Pacto Global

Año: 2016

Idioma: Inglés